Trading ERP

Trading industry today is facing a large competition at every corner of the world. Being a trader, you have to serve your customers efficiently and you need to track your marketing strategies in real- time. DevERP Trading software is built keeping in mind the requirements of Indian trading and distribution industry
Our feature rich ERP Software offers an end-to-end solution that controls and organizes every aspect of trading business- be it plan, source, stock, sell, recover, and analyse – all on one unified IT platform. Our software redefines sophisticated operations for a trading business. It brings in synchronised departments, improved decisions, better outcomes and increased profits. Most importantly, it lets you access key business data on the go to help sales personnel. Be it shipping goods on small scale to distributing globally, our robust ERP solutions are fit for all things, trading and distribution.
Functional Modules of DevERP Trading ERP:

Finance & Accounting:  DevERP Finance & Accounting helps you to maintain all financial reports generation like trial balance, P&L, balance sheet and more and also accounting entries for all payables and receivables in order to track.

Procurement:  DevERP Procurement Management software module helps you to track all the procurement and purchases of raw, semi-finished or finished goods and maintain all details related to quality, quantity, receipt of goods, delivery status and more.

Manufacturing:  DevERP Manufacturing Management software module helps you to track manufacturing in case you also have manufacturing of certain items in addition to your trading business.

Inventory Management:  DevERP Inventory Management software module helps you to track inventory at different places, reordering levels and reminders, inventory movement and more.

Order Management:  DevERP Order Management software module helps you to track inquiries, orders, delivery status, fulfilment status, pending orders, order invoicing, collection and more.

Warehouse Management:  DevERP Warehouse Management software module helps you to keep a track on products in warehouse, entry time to exit time and provide live stock updates.

Supply Chain Management:  DevERP Supply Chain Management software module helps you in tracking your products movement from sourcing point to customer site delivery.

    Key Features & Benefits of DevERP Trading Software:

  • Real-time monitoring of resources
  • Accurate analysis and reports
  • Multi-branch, multi-location operations
  • Dynamic tracking of various processes
  • Leads management
  • Integrate multiple pricing
  • User definable marketing schemes
  • Stock management
  • Tracks sales
  • Analyses past sales reports
  • Centralized data is secure and easy to backup
  • Updates can be made quickly and easily
  • Cloud Hosting with easy and familiar interface
  • Lower costs