Pulse/Rice Mill ERP

DevERP Pulse/Rice Mill ERP software is specially designed to support all your business related concern in the Food Manufacturing and Export industry. In this industry due to manual procedures leakages are experienced at many points like production, purchase, sales etc. Our automated software brings more transparency in day to day functionalities and effectively manage business functions of Rice Mills like sales, purchase, stock maintenance, financial accounting, staff data, reports generation etc.
Dev Rice/Pulse Mill Software brings all your functional unit at one place and provides user wise widgets and dashboard functions that are user friendly and comes with modern digital experience. It supports seamless multi location mills/ warehouses. With DevERP Rice Mill software, the rice mill industry can surely ,boost managerial efficiency, reduce overall operative costs, and in increase their overall profits.
Functional Modules of DevERP Pulse/Rice Mill ERP:

Marketing:  DevERP Marketing software Module will help your company stay competitive and streamline sales and marketing activities. Various features of Marketing software Module are:

  • Sales Proposal/Quotation
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Multiple Jobsite Sales Order
  • Dispatch Order Planning
  • Marketing Person Visit Record
  • Pending Sales Order Status
  • Sales Comparison/Region Wise Report

  • Sales/Dispatch:  DevERP Sales & Dispatch software Module is designed to boost your company sales and dispatch services. This module can help understand customer requirements, improve and retain customers, attain new customers, cost reduction and so on. Various features of Sales & Dispatch software Module are:

  • Dispatch order
  • Dispatch Challan/Sales invoice/Transport Summary
  • Sales MIS Report

  • Store/Inventory Management:  DevERP Store/Inventory Management software Module provides a powerful and flexible set of features to help you manage and report your raw material & stock information. DevERP Inventory Management software facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. Various features of Store/Inventory Management software Module are:

  • Raw Material Inward Through Weight Bridge Software
  • Requisition, Indent, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice
  • Item Stock Statement with Item Category
  • Issues, Issue Return, Gate pass

  • Accounts:   DevERP Accounts software module is designed in a way that ensures your entire accounting is automated. DevERP Accounts software module gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports. Various features of Accounts software Module are:

  • All Kind of Voucher Entry
  • Purchase/Sales Register
  • Daily Register, Bank/Cash Register
  • Dynamic Tax Classes for Feature Taxation System.
  • Statutory Reports & Taxation Reports
  • Financial Report
  • Product Costing
  • Vendor Outstanding, Party Outstanding, Ledger Reports

  • Production:  DevERP Production software module facilitates Production Planning, Quality Testing and delivering products to customers on timely basis. The module is designed to detail the production process that must be followed to convert raw materials into finished goods. Various features of Production software Module are:

  • Daily Products Report
  • Production Summary

    • Key Features & Benefits of DevERP Pulse/Rice Mill Software:

  • Automates and Streamlines Business Processes with greater Adaptability
  • Centralized data is secure and easy to backup
  • Updates can be made quickly and easily
  • Information is accessible to a user anywhere in the world
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Unlimited user system
  • Cloud Hosting with easy and familiar interface
  • Lower costs
  • Real-time (or near real-time) operations