Cloud BackUp


DevERP Cloud Backup Services provides simple and cost-effective online backup services that makes it easy to secure your files. In an ever-evolving threat landscape, businesses need reliable and efficient data backup solutions for their critical data spread across various files/folders, endpoints, and databases. DevERP Cloud Backup services simplify and automate monitoring and optimization of daily backups to cloud. SQL database backup, Access, documents and all your precious data can be easily restored in your computer by our cloud backup services.

    Key Features:

  • Let you back up from an unlimited number of devices
  • Works with mapped drives and external drives
  • Support for more computers can be added on an as-needed basis
  • Customizable backup schedules
  • Duplicate files don't take up extra space
  • Works from mobile devices
  • No file size limits

    • Why Use Cloud Backup Services from DevERP?

  • High space and data backup to avoid loss of data
  • Access from anywhere
  • Live data updation
  • Easy to send OTA Software upgrades
  • Remote service facility and possible to provide quick remote support solutions
  • Advanced server capabilities for faster services