Real Estate ERP

A real estate business comprises of several confidential information about the sellers and the buyers. Security factor plays an important role for choosing ERP solution for such industry as there can be chances of hacking. DevERP Real Estate software provide all in one highly secure solution to real estate firms of various sizes.
Being a high capital investment industry, real estate businesses suffer heavily from mistakes that can be avoided through effective customer engagement and data management. Currently, some of the key challenges that are faced by real estate developers across the board include streamlining processes, duplication and proper accessibility of data, maintaining leads, maintaining good relations with customers, tracking data, accounting etc. The Real Estate space is also littered with complex regulatory and statutory compliances issues. Our software is designed in a way that such issues can be addressed effectively and become a handy and helpful tool for real estate business.
DevERP Real Estate software with its reliable modules like inventory manager, tracking tool, etc. helps in streamlining the misaligned and important operations for a real estate business. Our cloud based software comes with modern digital experience and can seamlessly integrate various departments in your real estate firm. Designed specifically for real estate business, our software tool help track all business processes and record all the transactions thereby increasing the efficiency of your operations
Functional Modules of DevERP Real Estate ERP:

Accounts: Our Accounts Module is integrated with all departments within the firm and can produce accurate financial reports. Our module is capable of handling the main accounting and financial aspects of a business. Various features of Accounts Module are:

  • All Kind of voucher Entry
  • Purchase/sales register
  • Daily Register, Bank/Cash register
  • Dynamic tax classes for feature taxation system.
  • Statutory reports & Taxation Reports
  • Financial report
  • Product costing
  • Vendor outstanding aging report, party outstanding aging report, ledger reports

  • Marketing & Reports: Our Marketing and Reports module will help to improve the relationship of the company with the prospects and customers by providing support and enhancing customer experience. Clients can also store all the information regarding the leads and customers, including inquiries, quotations, contact details, invoices, etc. Various features of Marketing & Reports Module are:

  • Marketing Reports
  • Marketing Transaction

  • Payroll: Our Payroll Module is loaded with automated features to handle all aspects of personnel management, right from recruitment and onboarding to payroll and attendance, along with many other critical operations. Various features of Payroll Module are:

  • Payroll Master
  • Payroll Transaction

  • Precast:Our precast Module presents a system in which all processes are digitally integrated – and in which all processes can be carried out in accordance with BIM stipulations. Various features of Precast Module are:

  • Preacast Report
  • Precast sales
  • Abstract List
  • Sales Invoice List
  • schedule Entry
  • Challan Entry
  • Daily Production Entry

  • Project Management: Our Project Management Module helps to ensure that project is completed on time, within cost budget, in accordance with quality and design requirements, and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Various features of Project Management Module are:

  • Labour Gang Details
  • Machinery Details
  • Sites Details Manage
  • Project Work Details
  • issue Entry list
  • Manage Project Status

  • Store/Inventory: Our Store/Inventory Module is equipped with various features which help users to operate stocks at their warehouses, regulate and monitor stock movement and keep a close watch on the inventory. Various features of Store/Inventory Management Module are:

  • Fabrication Roller inward with Q.C.
  • Goods receive note material
  • Requisition, indent, purchase order, purchase invoice
  • Issues, Issue Return, Gate Pass
  • Go Down Management
  • Item stock Statement with Item Category

  • Tender: Our Tender Module will help you ease the long process of working through the details before a tender is finalized. Various features of Tender Module are:

  • Tender Details
  • Work group Details
  • Item work details
  • Division/Wards/Dept. Details
  • Tender Application Management
  • Vehicle trip
  • Driver details Manage

  • Reports Analysis: : Our Report Analysis Module will help in defining and modifying reports which will help increase the effectiveness of data analysis, which in turn can translate into making better business decisions. Various features of Report Analysis Module are:

  • Cash Expense Reports Management
  • Machinery Reports
  • Labour Reports
  • Site GRN Reports
  • Issue receipt
  • Gate pass receipt
  • Site receipt
  • Marketing Visiting Data
  • Attendance Report

    • Key Features & Benefits of DevERP Real Estate Software:

  • Helps in managing your financial transactions
  • Provides complementary features for real estate professionals
  • Provides smoother inter-departmental interaction
  • It is a multi-functional digital tool
  • The software provides you with an intuitive dashboard
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Helps in boosting visibility and efficiencies across your organization.