Printing & Packaging ERP

DevERP specializes in an integrated information system designed for the Printing & Packaging Industry. We offer a perfect solution to our clients that can handle both printing and packaging requirements at one go and are looking to achieve optimum quality, reducing cost while ensuring customer satisfaction.
Maximizing economies-to-scale, highest machine allocation and supplies control are some of the challenges the print and packaging sector face. Firms also need to be innovative over minimising waste due to the growing concerns from consumers over environmental issues. Today more than ever, the printing and packaging industry is required to react creatively, quickly and reliably to the requirements of its customers and users. Only those who take up trends flexibly, develop innovative products and are commercially convincing will lead the market.
DevERP Printing & Packaging software has a full set of comprehensive features such as CRM, Production Management, Work Management, and Reporting to Accounting. We offer simple and efficient solution made for printers to set and manage all activities of business cycle. Our software helps you to minimize waste and maximize profits by streamlining their entire operations and taking proactive informed decisions to outlast the competition.
Functional Modules of DevERP Printing & Packaging ERP:

Marketing:  DevERP Marketing software Module will help your company stay competitive and streamline sales and marketing activities. Various features of Marketing software Module are:

  • Order Inquiry
  • Job-Card Preparation and Party Drawing Attachments
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Manage Multiple Job with Priority Setting
  • Dispatch Order Planning
  • Marketing Person Visit Record & Ps Clearance Status

  • Prepress:  Various features of DevERP Prepress software Module are:

  • Graphics Job Entry with Start Time & End Time
  • Status for Graphics Running and Pending Job
  • Graphics Work Report with Daily TMM Calculation
  • User Wise Graphics Pending Job

  • Fabrication:  Various features of DevERP Fabrication software Module are:

  • Fab Order
  • Fab Order Pending Job and Status
  • Q.A/Q.C.

  • Production:  DevERP Production software module facilitates Production Planning, Quality testing and Delivering products to customers on timely basis. Various features of DevERP Production software Module are:

  • Production Entry
  • Production Monitor for Live Job Status
  • Process Wise Production Report
  • Engraving Report

  • Sales/Dispatch:  DevERP Sales & Dispatch software module is designed to boost your company sales and dispatch services. Various features of Sales & Dispatch software Module are:

  • Dispatch Order Planning
  • Dispatch Challan/Sales Invoice/Transport Summary
  • Sales MIS Report
  • Finish Goods Lab Certificate
  • SMS/Email Integration

  • Accounts:  DevERP Accounting software module is designed in a way that ensures your accounting is automated. DevERP Accounting software module gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports. Various features of Accounting software Module are:

  • All Kind of Voucher Entry
  • Purchase/Sales Register
  • Daily Register, Bank/Cash Register
  • Dynamic Tax Classes for Feature Taxation System.
  • Statutory Reports & Taxation Reports
  • Financial Report
  • Product Costing
  • Vendor Outstanding, Party Outstanding, Ledger Reports

  • Store/Inventory Management:  DevERP Store/Inventory Management software Module provides a powerful and flexible set of features to help you manage and report your raw material & stock information. DevERP Inventory Management software facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. Various features of Store/Inventory Management software Module are:

  • Fabrication Roller Inward with Q.C.
  • Goods Receive Note Material
  • Requisition, Indent, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice
  • Issues, Issue Return, Gate pass
  • Godown Management
  • Item Stock Statement with Item Category

  • Q.A / Q.C:  DevERP QA/QC software Module will help in detecting and removing defects from the system and providing systematic approach to ensure smooth process. Various features of QA/QC software Module are:

  • Different Types of Raw Material Testing
  • Finish Good Q.C
  • Analysis Reports

    • Key Features & Benefits of DevERP Printing & Packaging Software:

  • Production follow-up in real-time through shop-floor data collection or using automation data
  • Quick dispatch and invoicing of finished goods
  • Packing and palletization definition and calculation
  • Tailored product configuration
  • Complex product descriptions with automatic conversion of units of measure
  • Flexible planning and scheduling tools for the production department
  • Combination printing and combination printing orders
  • Management of work in progress based on quantity and quality
  • Tool management
  • Fully customized to suit the needs of Printing Industry
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week